Season 12

Aired the Week of April, 28th 2012


Summer Cocktails

Hotmixology celebrates summer with great new products and perfect cocktails for your summertime fun!





Aired the Week of April, 23rd 2012


Cocktails For Your Backyard BBQ

With summer right around the corner it is time to fire up the grill and get fired up with the Hot products we pour in these great cocktails for your BBQ.





Aired the Week of April, 16th 2012


Spring Break 2012

Spring Break Hotmixology Style as we bring you great cocktails for your spring break 2012.





Aired the Week of April, 30th 2012


Cinco De Mayo 2012

Hotmixology celebrates Cinco De Mayo in a style that mixes more than just great Tequila and Margaritas this year.





Aired the Week of April, 9th 2012


Birthday Celebration Cocktails

We use all the great products featured on this episode to create the next generation on Birthday Cocktails as we celebrate the Birthday of Host Dave Elger and his twin brother Will Elger.





Aired the Week of April, 2nd 2012


Las Vegas Nightclub And Bar Show 2012

Hotmixology brings you all the fun that is the Vegas Nightclub and Bar Show as we take you on the road with us from Denver to Las Vegas with a few great stops and cocktails along the way.





Aired the Week of March, 26th 2012


Cocktails Food & Fun

Hotmixology makes Cocktails and Food with the great products we feature on this episode, nothing but fun with all the creations on this episode.





Aired the Week of March, 19th 2012


Hotmixology Shake & Stir

Hotmixology Shakes and Stirs the great products we feature in ultimate cocktail creations as we welcome some new mixologists to our show.





Aired the Week of March, 12th 2012


St. Patrick'S Day Hotmixology Style

Hotmixology shows viewers how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with more than just green beer this year as we put our twist on some great cocktails made with the perfect products.





Aired the Week of March, 5th 2012


Garnish Your Cocktail

We mix up great cocktails and show some special garnishes that will make any cocktail special.





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