HOTMIXOLOGY & TRU GRIT CONCEPTS challenge Viewers to come up with a liquor product that will change the industry forever!
Molly Pearson, Founder of Tru Grit Concepts has been creating innovative and tasty Liquor products for years. Molly was part of the development team that created products like Travis Hasses Apple Pie Liquor, CREAM the Alcohol infused Whip Cream and Sharkwater to name a few of the over 70 products she has helped bring to market.
Do you have an idea for a great liquor product?
Hotmixology and Molly want to help you bottle your DREAM!
Hotmixology and Tru Grit Concepts will help one lucky person develop and bottle their idea for the Best New Liquor Product.
Over the next 14 weeks we will be accepting entries to win THE NEXT TRU GRIT HOT CONCEPT CHALLENGE.
Enter your ideas today at CONTEST@HOTMIXOLOGY.COM to win the opportunity to work side by side Molly and Dave in developing your product from start to finish. We will work with you starting with creating your flavor profile, to the look of the product, the taste, the Bottle, label even the Cork or cap finish.
There can only be one winner of a contest like this and we want it to be you.
Mix up a cocktail and start thinking of what your New Liquor Product would be if you win THE NEXT TRU GRIT HOT CONCEPT CHALLENGE.
This is your chance to bottle your dream and share it with the world one sip at a time!