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will elger
Will Elger author of The One Minute Bartender (http://www.theoneminutebartender.com). I have what seems like a lifetime of bartending experience, working every job in the liquor industry and winning many industry awards.

I started bartending in college, and received a degree in hotel management and marketing in my spare time. I spent the next decade on cruise ships as a bartender, then promoted to bar manager and restaurant manager. Marketing some of the largest liquor companies was next then working for a distributor and supplier for one of the largest wine and spirits companies in the US, working with brands like Absolut, Jim Beam, Sauza, Geyser Peak Wines and small start up boutique brands. I went on to work directly for Bill Samuels Jr. at Maker’s Mark who made me realize it was time to start my own liquor brand.

I got together with my twin brother Dave who has an equally impressive resume in the liquor industry, to start Muchote Tequila (http://www.muchotetequila.com). To help promote Muchote Tequila and other artisanal brands I helped Dave produce and co host a nationwide TV show, Hotmixology (http://www.hotmixology.com).

I spend my free time writing books, articles and drink recipes and guest bartending.I am proud to be a lifer in the liquor industry, but moving forward I would like to help educate and give back to the industry, giving others the opportunities I was given, and of course translate The One Minute Bartender in other languages so it’s available worldwide. Dedication to many areas of the liquor industry has made me seasoned and now I will pass my experiences and the experiences that others have taught me on to others. This book was not just another project it is another chapter in my life, a recap of bartending lessons I learned while logging in hours in front and behind the bar, Salud!