Neal grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado a small “sleepy” town 40 miles north of Denver.

At age 12 Neal bought an old movie camera with money he made from his paper route. Neal was a natural in front of the camera and he was fast to master the art of being behind the camera. He started creating movies with his friends, once they filmed the movies Neal took on another role as editor. He fell in love with the editing process and the creativity it allowed him with his films.

Neal continued to do so throughout high school, filming movies and shorts with friends, family and just about anyone he could convince to be in his movies.

Neal attended Colorado State University for 3 years before transferring to Colorado Film School in Denver Colorado and Graduating with a degree in Theater/Film/Television with an emphasis in Writing/Directing from the University of Colorado.

Upon graduating Neal was quick to be part of any and all Movie, TV and Video productions he could be a part of and grew his portfolio as well as his talent. Neal has won numerous Local and National awards for short films and has been an accredited editor in Denver since 2001.

His unmatched passion for Editing and attention to detail in his work made a chance encounter with Dave Elger Creator / Host of Hotmixology an opportunity of a lifetime.

In 2011, Neal took on the role of EDITOR for the National TV Show Hotmixology. 52 weeks a year Hotmixology produces a new episode. Neal takes passion and pride in every episode to make viewers spirit soar.